canvas kid shoes


Outsole: Rubber

Lining: Mesh


To ensure that every step  is confidence and joy. Roadtek designs a brand new canvas kid shoes, as children’s shoes need to be comfortable and protect their feet. Our design philosophy starts with a deep understanding of the meaning of comfort. Each pair of shoes is according to the shape of a child’s foot, with enough flexibility for healthy growth.

canvas kid shoes

Product Features

Firstly, the upper of the shoe uses high-quality canvas material. This material is light and breathable, providing a comfortable wearing experience for children. Then the outsole is rubber, offering good grip and anti-slip properties, ensuring safety even on wet and slippery surfaces.

canvas kid shoes factory

Roadtek pays special attention to the health of children’s feet. Our children’s shoe lasts are specifically designed for children, featuring a scientifically curved design that allows the forefoot to flex freely while walking, promoting natural foot development. The toe area is impact protection, and the heel strengthens to protect the children’s feet from injury.

Custom Services

We offer a variety of color options, including white, black, yellow, etc., to meet children’s different aesthetic needs. Additionally, we provide private label customization services, where we can adjust the color, size, and logo of the shoes according to the specific requirements of our clients. We can place your desired brand logo on any part of the shoe, including the packaging box and shoe box, to meet diverse customer needs.

Supply Strength

Production and supply chain are key components of the footwear industry. As a company specializing in vulcanized shoe suppliers, Roadtek has a reliable production and supply chain system. From raw material procurement, production processing, inventory management, to logistics and transportation, every necessary step is completed by our company and followed up by the corresponding team. This ensures that the products are delivered to customers on time and safely. In terms of after-sales service, we provide various solutions, including exchanges and returns.

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In short, Roadtek, with its professional attitude and exquisite children’s shoe craftsmanship, provides the best solutions for children’s happy growth. Learn more about canvas kid shoes and Roadtek Shoes. You are welcome to contact us