gray canvas shoes womens

Upper: Cotton canvas and shiny PU

Eyelet: Round aluminum

Lace: Cotton

Tongue: Cotton fabric

Outsole: Rubber

Insole: Hipoly+fabric

Lining: Cotton fabric


Showing the perfect combination of fashion and comfort, Roadtekshoes will present you with unique gray canvas shoes womens.

Features of the gray canvas shoes womens

features of gray canvas shoes womens
features of gray canvas shoes womens 02
features of gray canvas shoes womens 01

Our canvas shoes are designed with originality. First of all, each pair of shoes adopts neat sewing lines. It not only enhances the durability of shoes, but also doubles the performance. In addition, these shoes incorporate exquisite logo, which shows fashion and personality. In terms of soles, we specially choose rubber material. So it has excellent grip and makes you walk more stably on different floors. No matter in the city streets or outdoor sports venues, you can wear our canvas shoes with confidence and comfort. We pay attention to the comfort inside the shoes. Canvas shoes use soft and comfortable materials, so that your steps can feel intimate care. Besides, the air circulation design keeps the feet fresh and let you enjoy a comfortable wearing experience even in summer.



Let us introduce Roadtekshoes to you, a comprehensive footwear specializing in research, development, production and export of footwear products. We have accumulated many years of experience in the field of canvas shoes manufacturing. And we strive to combine fashion and comfort perfectly. Roadtekshoes was established in 2001 and has its own production factory. We use domestic advanced vulcanization injection molding technology. We can not only guarantee the quality of products, 

but also strictly observe the delivery time.Our company has gathered first-class design team and quality control team. So they are committed to the design and technological innovation of cutting-edge fashion products. Not only that, we also provide you with a variety of styles of canvas shoes to choose from. Whether you like the style of leisure  or the design of personality charm, our products can meet your needs.

Roadtekshoes provides you with gray canvas shoes womens solution that combines fashion and comfort. Choose us immediately and let us present you with a pair of perfect canvas shoes. Whether in leisure or outdoor activities on weekdays, you can show your fashion attitude.

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