Kid shoes with wide toe box

Upper: Mesh

Outsole: TPR

Style: Low-cut

Insole: Hi-poly

Construction: Cement

Logo: Custom


We carefully select kid shoes with wide toe box for you. So you can easily find the perfect partner for your baby’s walking. You can’t be careless when choosing children’s shoes which must be fashionable and comfortable.

Details of kid shoes with wide toe box

Our products are based on the engineering research of infant and toddler footsteps, which is very conducive to children’s easy walking. The spacious U-shaped toe design gives the forefoot ample room for movement. This can meet the needs of their bone development. And the anti-collision and anti-kick design can protect the health and safety of the toes. The toe is slightly tilted at an angle of 15°.  That design of the inner arc hook heel cup fits the child’s foot better.

That’s why the shoes can firmly support the heel and let the ankle grow straight. In addition, the upper uses a double-layer mesh fabric that has a soft texture and a comfortable touch. More importantly, this upper is very wear-resistant and easy to clean. In addition to these, we also consider improving the anti-slip performance of the shoes. The sole uses a three-convex segmented anti-slip design, which can give full play to the advantages of TPR material: light, elastic and pressure-resistant.

Green and environmentally friendly production

Roadtek shoes is an experienced canvas shoe production factory dedicated to environmental protection. The factory fully utilizes its geographical advantages to build hundreds of solar power generation devices on the factory building. And we successfully use solar energy for product production to reduce production costs. This also allows us to achieve zero emission of toxic gases in the production process.

Advanced production concept

Our professional R&D and design team always pays attention to industry trends and designs the latest styles of products. So far, we have designed more than two thousand products for you to choose from. What’s more, they also provide more than thirty products that meet industry trends every year. If you want to customize a unique product, they can also develop and design products for you according to your requirements.

factory of kid shoes with wide toe box

Lightweight and breathable kid shoes with wide toe box are of excellent quality. In addition to blue, there are also white, black and pink styles for you to choose from. I believe you can’t wait to buy them! Contact us now!