Lace up canvas shoes

Upper: Suede and flax

Outsole: Rubber

Heel: 2-3cm


Construction: Vulcanization


The classic style of lace up canvas shoes will never go out of style. This pair of canvas shoes has added modern fashion elements. This allows you to enjoy the charm of fashion while being nostalgic.

Details of lace up canvas shoes

features of lace up canvas shoes

Toe: The round toe design can fit different foot shapes. This can effectively reduce the occurrence of shoes squeezing and grinding feet. In addition, it also has anti-collision characteristics, allowing you to walk comfortably.

Outsole: The sole is made of wear-resistant and elastic rubber material. It can effectively alleviate the impact of the ground on the soles and ankles during exercise. Besides,it can increase grip. And that makes you more stable and comfortable when walking.

Heel: The thickness of the heel is about two to three centimeters. In this way, the sole will not pinch your feet while effectively supporting your soles.

Upper: We use suede and linen instead of traditional canvas. In this way, while retaining comfort and breathability, the shoes are more textured and durable. This achieves a two-birds-with-one-stone effect.

Excellent geographical location

factory of lace up canvas shoes

Roadtek shoes is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, a city full of rich historical and cultural heritage. The factory is close to National Highway 205 and the intersection of Beijing-Shanghai and Ridong Expressways. This is because we have a unique geographical advantage and can transport products to you at the fastest speed. In addition to land transportation, we are close to Qingdao Port, and sea and air transportation are also very convenient.

Owning our own brand

We have professional and high-quality R&D and innovation capabilities. With this, we have created our own global brand ZSTEP. So far, we have successfully registered the brand worldwide and successfully promoted it. If you are interested in this self-developed brand, we welcome you to cooperate with us. And we can provide you with free authorization to make you our dealer.

Package workshop of lace up canvas shoes

These lace up canvas shoes are novel in style and fashionable in design. If you are interested in our brand or products, please contact us.

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