What paint is best for canvas shoes

When DIYing canvas shoes, the right paint is best for canvas shoes. Because that not only determines the color effect of the upper, but also affects the durability and beauty of the shoes. Presently, the most common pigments used for DIY canvas shoes are mainly acrylic pigments and textile fiber DIY pigments. Next, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these two pigments respectively, and recommend the most suitable pigments accordingly.

Acrylic paint is best for canvas shoes?



Widely available: Acrylic pigments are sold in stationery stores and art supply stores, which are very convenient to buy.

Bright colors: This pigment has a high color saturation. Therefore, it can present rich color effects to achieve your painting effect.

Strong weather resistance: The dried pigment will form a flexible film. It has the advantages of wear resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and can adapt to various outdoor environments.

Fast drying speed: In fact, this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Because this requires you to operate quickly, otherwise color blocks will form.

Not easy to modify: Once the paint is dry and formed, it will be difficult to modify.

Hard texture: Compared with textile dyes, the layer formed by acrylic paint on the canvas is slightly hard.

Textile fiber DIY fuel

what paint is best for canvas shoes



Soft fit: This fuel is specially designed for textile fibers. The upper can still maintain its original softness after coloring.

Easy to color: Compared with acrylic paint, textile dyes are more evenly colored on canvas materials and are not easy to clump.

Rich colors: A variety of color options can meet different DIY needs.

Limited purchase channels: Different from acrylic paint, it has fewer purchase channels. The main channel is online platform purchase.

Small scope of application: It is mainly aimed at textile fiber products such as canvas materials. This also limits its scope of application.

Cost issue: If it is not necessary to paint shoes frequently, the cost is high. This will cause waste.

fashionable DIY workmanship

Considering the above, acrylic paint is undoubtedly best for canvas shoes. Although it is slightly inferior in drying speed and texture, its wide availability, bright colors and strong weather resistance make it have incomparable advantages. What’s more, by mastering the correct coloring techniques, such as thin coating and multi-layer superposition, maintaining moderate humidity, etc., the color of the painting can be more natural, uniform and lasting.